4 Ways Balloons Can Add Glitz To Your Wedding Displays

Wedding décor is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a wedding. The right décor can have the wedding venue exude the perfect atmosphere for an event of a lifetime, and also create beautiful backdrops for lovely photographs.

One common décor item at weddings are flowers, but another item is fast becoming a hot favourite in the weddings of modern millennials – balloons!

Balloons are a wonderfully versatile décor item which can be dressed up or down according to the desired theme. Besides simply hanging a few balloons all around your venue, how else can they be incorporated into your wedding? Well, here are some ideas for you!

1. Balloon backdrop

Everyone loves an insta-worthy photo wall! Why not make yours out of balloons? The balloons can be used to frame your backdrop, or as a centrepiece itself. For example, if you want a rainbow-themed wedding, you can have a rainbow arch made out of rainbows for a spectacular photo zone!

To make it easier on you, you can engage a balloon décor company to handle the wedding balloon décor. Just let them know your ideal picture, and they will do up the decorations for you!

2. Party poppers

If you would like to add some extra festivity to your wedding party, here’s an idea for you. Fill up some large balloons with confetti (or get ready-made confetti balloons!) and at the right time, pop them all together!

It’s definitely a safer and less smoky version to fireworks, and will help your wedding end off with a bang. Just make sure to clean up the confetti afterwards!

3. Signages

A wedding is an event, after all, and you want to make sure your guests aren’t getting lost trying to find their seats, or the nearest toilet, for that matter. For a creative signage solution, you can use balloons tied to pillars to mark directions. Helium balloons as signs are also a brilliant idea, as their elevated height means people will be able to see them even in a crowd.

You can easily turn balloons into signs by writing on them, or even get them custom printed! You will be able to find customised balloons and helium balloons in Singapore at most balloon speciality shops.

4. Photo prop

A bouquet of helium-filled party balloons never goes wrong in photos! While this is a great idea for pre-wedding photoshoots, you can also opt to have a colourful balloon bouquet as a photo prop on your wedding day.

The colours will make your photos pop, and lend an air of innocence and dreamlike fantasy!

Is it time to get balloons for your wedding?

There are countless ways to make use of balloons on your big day. Our ideas are only the tip of the iceberg – you, too, can come up with your very own ideas to make your wedding décor uniquely yours!

If you are going to use balloons as part of wedding décor, don’t forget to obtain your supply of balloons early on, or call up your balloon décor company in advance to discuss the designs you would love to have!

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