5 Go-To Escape Rooms For Those Looking For A Challenge

It’s very important that you have your thinking caps firmly on as escape rooms are often loaded with a number of puzzles as well as frustrating scenarios. All of these are designed to make your escape room experience a challenging and exciting one. Without letting too much out of the bag, we will recommend some of the most exciting escape rooms in Singapore.

However, before you get started on an escape room, it’s advisable that you team up with the best people and figure your way out of the room.

1. Exodus

Ever wondered what it’s like to escape and fight your way to freedom? Well, in this escape room you get to do just that.

The Pharaoh is the one who rules the lands and you have been enslaved, forced to commit yourself to strenuous labour. But then you are saved by a hero determined to release you and the others who are held captive.

However, the days are bleak and freedom is still far from reach. The Pharoah still refuses to abide by the hero’s demands. As such your fate lies in your own hands, and you have to make your way out of the escape room at all cost.

2. Aokigahara

We bet you’ve heard about the famed suicide forest nestled in Japan. But hearing is one thing and having yourself be in that frightening place is another.

In this escape room, you are stuck in Aokigahara and surrounded by the terror and whispers of the dead. In the beginning, it was purely for research but now you might be part of history as well.

If you don’t think fast and get out quick, you will soon meet the same fate as the rest.

3. Mausoleum

Knowledge can be your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy as well.

Initially, you were just lurking around the Terracotta Army world heritage site, feeding your curiosity and digesting all the new found knowledge. However, wandering too deep has led you to a trapped room.

The goal here is to solve the puzzles and soon as you can to escape from the reflective liquid that is bound to take your life.

4. Castiglione

You have a mission – to recover the 12 zodiac head statues in the castle for your emperor.

But even if you manage to get your way around the castle, escaping it is another troubling problem. If you are not quick, you won’t only lose the statues but you might not survive the night.

In the Castiglione, you are a secret agent who needs wit to get through this situation. So, use all the brain juice you have and figure out where the statues are. But most importantly, don’t perish in the hands of the guards.

5. Alcatraz

Watching those inmates break their way out of prison is without a doubt exciting. But what if you stood a chance at escaping from the most guarded prison?

Behold, Alcatraz – the prison with the most dangerous and ruthless criminals in America.

For this escape room, you get to play the role of an inmate and you are going to have to think smartly in order to break out successfully.

Escape room games can last up till 75 minutes, but if you’re really smart and can spot details well enough, you may end up escaping within as little as 15 minutes. So, gather your colleagues around because it’s time to have your next team building activity at an escape room! Don’t worry – it’s going to be worth all your brain juices.

With this, you’re now ready to take on the escape room challenge!

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