A Brief Guide To Preventing STDs

All sexually active persons are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). There are many types of STDs but they have one thing in common: that they spread between sexual partners. Some common STDs include chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. Some of these STDs are asymptomatic, meaning that you might not show any symptom even if you are infected. The only way to guarantee that you never get an STD is to completely avoid sex altogether. However, there are various preventive measures that you can take to significantly lower the risks of contracting an STD and preventing any STD from potential damage to your body. In this short guide, you will discover three very important practices that will help keep you sexually healthy.

Always wear protection

Condoms do not only protect against unwanted pregnancies. They protect you against STDs too! The rubber or latex acts a barrier for sexual fluids, meaning that you will not come into touch with your partner’s sexual fluids and vice versa. Since sexual fluids are the main way of STD transmissions, wearing a condom significantly lowers your chances of getting infected if your partner has an STD. This applies not just to vaginal or anal sex, but to oral sex as well. There are some STDs that can be transferred if seminal fluids and pre-seminal fluids are absorbed in the linings of your mouth. Do also note that a condom is not 100% foolproof as there is always the possibility of the condom breaking if it is not put on correctly. Nevertheless, if you do want to enjoy a sexually active life, do always protect yourself by having the penetrative party wear a condom.

Keep up the personal hygiene!

The importance of personal hygiene, especially in the genitalia is unprecedented. You should always clean your genitals every time you shower, and ideally every time after sex. The process of cleaning your genitals helps to rub off any unwanted bacteria, reduce off-putting smells, and avoid unwanted infections. While this does not directly affect your chances of contracting an STD per se, it is still incredibly important as any infection on your genitals can affect your sex life greatly. Experts recommend using warm water to gently wash the penis or vagina and avoid any soaps or perfumes as they can affect the area negatively. Personal hygiene will certainly go a long way in helping you enjoy sex to the fullest.

Get tested regularly

Finally, to help you make sure that you are sexually healthy, you should get tested regularly. Singapore STD tests include the HIV test and tests for various other STDs such as chlamydia. Most tests require that you exhibit some kind of symptom before the doctor can take samples for testing, but there are some tests that can be done by drawing blood from your body. These tests should be taken regularly so you are aware of your sexual health status. It will also be beneficial for you to receive treatment as early as possible if you are infected. Early treatment is essential in maintaining your overall health, as most damage done by STDs is irreversible.


Maintaining your sexual health is a lifelong process but one that is definitely worth the time. You will be able to fully enjoy sex with your partner throughout the rest of your life if you follow these three easy steps.

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