A Guide To Choosing Your Dream Ring For Your Special Day

While buying a diamond wedding jewellery like proposal rings, might be the most expensive and most special purchases made ever, it does require a bowl full of extra efforts to get fruitful results in exchange for the hard-earned money and also because purchases like buying a wedding ring is done just once in a lifetime. No doubts, the design of the ring revolves around the fact if your spouse who fall in love with it at first sight or will it be an average look at his/her face and hence don’t you think that the stone, colors and weight are the second issues but first comes the DESIGN. So, while you are walking around the diamond market to pick out a wedding ring, here are a few tips cum advices to choose amongst the rings available.

  1. Pick a design which never goes out of style; as your girl would want to flaunt it forever and ever.
  2. Pick a design which is easy and comfy for regular use, as we believe you would want your spouse to wear till their last breath.
  3. Make sure the cuts of the diamond is smooth and not too deep.
  4. Make sure the design you choose, goes with the stone.
  5. Decide if you want a flat/round or bevel band.
  6. Look out if the design you choose comes out well in the color you choose as well.
  7. Make sure that the shine of the stone does not hide away the design of the ring.
  8. Give a thought as to how the design would look on your spouse’s hand. You can consider getting engraved wedding bands as well.

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