An Introduction To The Various Types Of Side Tables

The side table is various. We need to notice everything about their concept. Formal furniture is also traditional furniture. It is better to know the kinds and materials of side tables first before we decide to have. Not only traditional style, but there is also transitional style. It falls between contemporary and traditional. Functional feel and more casual are their appearances. Most décor styles are in this kind. The next style is contemporary. It is interchangeable, but it is the one that recently popular. The stark interiors with bold ad bright accents are two concepts to see in this kind. The common feature of contemporary tables is metal bases and glass top.

The country kind of side table could help you to have the styles of feminine furniture lines. It has detailing too like the turned legs. Distressed finished and painted are the common features. It is different from the industrial style. Stainless steel, weathered wood, and concrete are the defining materials. Made from a pre-existing piece is a thing that fit in this style. Rustic style has another story. It is predominantly made of distressed wood or weathered. It is exposed to metal accents. The rustic style emphasis on natural wood and usually could have the country feel or a mountain.

Mid-century modern and parsons are also popular as side table styles. Although it was popular between the 1950s and 1960s, the fact that it keeps existing. If you want to know its characteristics, you will see the simple lines, clean, and moulded plastic construction or bentwood. Wood furniture is a symbol of this design, and it shows the natural beauty. It is different from parsons. Parsons is a modern square or rectangular style of table. The square legs and four of it make it looks thick like the flat top. In the 1930s, this style is created.

Now, let us know more on side table materials. The popular one is metal. A metal consists of steel aluminium, iron, or alloys. The design is mixed to a glass top to help the owner easier on cleaning it. Sometimes, this material looks great to combine with wood and glass. The second popular material is wood. Wood is common to be used on the coffee table surface and water rings. To protect it, you can use coasters and trivets to protect. Another material is glass. The table in glass usually only has glass on its top. Check the table water ring and spills. Usually, they will be more visible on glass material. However, you need to clean it regularly. You need to know stone and upholstered material too. These are for a traditional look. To rest your feet, you can use an upholstered, but you also could apply an ottoman. You could take a rest and drink without worry to get spilling. It is a good thing when you know about the design and materials of the side table. You could place it in the right place and occasion. The outdoor table should stand for the sunlight. On the other hand, the indoor table needs the interior touch and the match to others belonging inside the house. Consider getting dining chairs to complement your overall home decor.

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