Composition Writing 101: How Your Child Can Improve

Many children struggle with writing compositions, and many parents find themselves helpless as to how to help their child. Not all parents have a good command of English or have the time to sit down and teach their child how to write a good piece. When faced with this dilemma, how then can you help your child?

Not to worry, we’ve come up with a list that will help your child write better. Hopefully, you will witness improvement and also a boost in their confidence in the English subject!


It is almost impossible for a child to produce good writing if they don’t know what good writing actually comprises. Exposing a child to good examples, via storybooks or the newspaper, is a viable option. A child who is widely read is used to varied types of language structure as well as vocabulary, and thus will be able to use them in their writing.

To encourage reading, you can either bring them to the library regularly to have them borrow some books each week or have a subscription to a regular publication.


As with most skills, writing improves with practice. Perhaps encourage them to write in a journal daily as writing compositions may sound daunting to your child. If that motivates them to write, go ahead and let them do so! Getting into the actual act of writing helps them overcome the writer’s block that often comes when they see a blank sheet of paper. Soon, they will become more adept at finding the right words and forming their sentences.


Compositions are usually formulated in a storytelling format, with an introduction, climax, and conclusion. You can ease your child into this structure by getting them comfortable to do it verbally. Guide them into describing certain events in a logical and coherent manner by asking specific questions about their day.

For those not yet comfortable with writing compositions, this method is an excellent way to get them started with the format of a narrative.


While your child can improve their skills on their own, the personalised guidance of an English tutor can provide even more specific advice that is personalised for your child. For instance, teachers in a PSLE English tuition class are well-versed in the requirements of composition writing at the primary school level. Not only will this allow them to dispense direct feedback, but they will help your child to be more in-line with the exam’s requirements.

At this point, it is not solely about the child’s language abilities. Your child will also need to be equipped with the right exam skills. A great English tuition class will thus be the most effective in helping your child in this regard.

Giving your child a leg-up in composition writing can come in many ways. Find the best way for you and your child so that they can pass their compositions with flying colours!

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