How Does Acoustic Guitar Differ From Classical Guitar?

If you intend to learn how to play the acoustic guitar for beginners in Singapore, understanding what the instrument entails is important and most importantly, how it is different from a classical guitar.

First off, these two guitars have different shapes. Classical guitars are smaller and acoustic guitars while having bigger sizes, also comes in different shapes such as Grand Auditorium and Dreadnaught. The larger the body of an acoustic guitar is, the louder and more resonant sound it is capable of producing.

The strings in the acoustic guitar are different from the ones in the classical guitar. The acoustic guitar comes with steel strings while the classical guitar comes with nylon strings.

Another notable difference between these two guitars is the fretboard. The acoustic guitar has a smaller fretboard. The fretboard in the classical guitar has its strings arranged widely apart so that the single notes can be delivered more efficiently.

This difference in fretboard sizes to a large extent determines the kind of music that you can play using either of the two instruments. When playing acoustic guitars for beginners in Singapore, you will be playing tunes in genres like country, blues, pop, jazz and folk music.

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