How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Industrial Doors

If you run a factory or an industrial setting which receives heavy traffic in and out at any given time, it is better to choose rapid action industrial sliding door. In this post, we are going to discuss how a fast action door can benefit you well

Rapid Opening/Closing

In case of heavy traffic, you should have doors that can open and close rapidly to ensure smooth functioning of traffic without any delay. This is where you need fast action doors. These doors work at 2.5 m/s of speed and they run smoothly.

No Maintenance

Over time, doors suffer a lot from an impact, especially in high traffic settings. Rapid action doors can repair themselves. Any impact on doors like fast-moving cars or forklift trucks can be fixed. These doors can seal themselves also. It can save repair cost and stress due to the impact.

Good for Food Industry

The rapid action doors are made especially for the food-producing industry. They have no room for contamination and they can be jet washed completely. They ensure fast transportation with speedy function.

Cold Storage

They are also the best choice for cold storage as you can set their speed to open and close. This way, they can save you from any unnecessary loss of cold air. They also have an in-built heater so there is a low risk of collecting ice in window areas.

Ideal for Large Opening Area

They can easily fit up to 20m of width. Hence, you can easily pass on the large machinery without causing any blockage.

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