How To Ensure A Date With Your Ideal Girl Goes Well

There’s no one right way, but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind if you want a second date with her.

In this article, we will walk you through the tips you should follow to ensure that the second date happens.

Exude Confidence

First things first, how do you create that emotional connection? And how do you display your likeable and normal characteristics?

Well, the secret? There is really no secret.

All you have to do is be yourself. Avoid being nervous and don’t stammer, just simply be your best self. Act like how you are with your friends, all relaxed and chirpy. Start a conversation with her and be natural while doing it.

Remember why you were interested in her in the first place, follow and trust your instincts. It is natural that most people are usually nervous on the first dates, but demonstrating confidence leaves the best impression.

And don’t forget to surprise her with beautiful flowers from a renowned shop selling wedding flowers bouquet in Singapore. This will undoubtedly bring a smile to her face which will also ease the tension.

Tell The Truth

It might come off as an exaggeration, but a lady can spot a liar a mile away. But more importantly, there’s no point in covering up the truth or your life.

You do not want to end up breaking her trust after she finds out the truth about your lies and when that happens, it’s quite unlikely that you will get a second chance.

Again, you want to find out if the two of you are compatible, so she needs the truth about you just as much as you do about her. Find out sooner, rather than later.

Keep Those Questions Coming

Be curious and keep asking questions about her, to put it simply, you have to keep the focus on her. But make sure you leave enough for yourself too.

Start off with a topic and the two of you can continue chatting away from there. Show your interest in her and ask all sorts of creative and fun questions that require more than a ‘yes or no’ answer. For instance, ‘What type of car would you be and why?’

Of course, it is important to look presentable but you also need to know your audience. If you are talking about a certain topic and it falls flat, laugh it off and try a different tack.

Don’t Try Too Hard

It’s good to put in an effort, but not too much.

When you appear overly needy, you will surely drive her away. If you have gotten her number, respect that and treat it delicately. Don’t call her every day, every hour asking if she has decided on a decision you suggested.

Set a reasonable time frame – perhaps three days or a week – then call with a different suggestion. For example, if the original idea was to go to a movie, suggest a trip to the museum instead. You’ll most likely get a different, certain answer.


Always end the date on a high note, when all is going very well. This way, you will make her want more, which is really the best way to secure another date – by getting her to want to see you again.

Remember to also not fake an excuse to leave, or you will seem uninterested. Instead, set a time limit at the start of the date (an hour or so is good) and stick to it. Unless it’s going really well.

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