How To Get Rid Of Cellulite: 5 Easy And Effective Tips

Cellulite forms and appears when you have too much body fat and insufficient muscle, and many try getting rid of it by spending thousands on liposuction or purchasing expensive over-the-counter creams. If you’re tired of hiding your cellulite behind long skirts and pants, check out our tips to help you reduce its appearance.

 1. Dry body brushing

Start your day with dry body washing. Lightly and gently sweep a dry body brush all over your skin before you step into the shower, starting from your ankles and slowly moving up. Always brush in the direction towards the center of your body as this gives your circulation a significant boost, eliminating toxins at the same time. Before you get out of the shower, blast your thighs with cold water to get blood flowing to that area.

2. Eat foods which tackle it

 Often, toxins are the cause of cellulite. These toxins not only decrease skin elasticity, but also lowers the rate of circulation in the body, causing cellulite to form. Therefore, eat as many bright-coloured fruits and vegetables as they contain the greatest amount of antioxidants, helping our bodies shed toxins. A perfect example of such foods is berries, so eat some strawberries or blackberries daily. Mangoes and bananas also aid in enhancing blood flow, preventing cellulite. Foods containing a lot of vitamin C play a significant role too as they increase levels of collagen in the skin, promoting elasticity. Such examples include broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and spinach. Don’t forget about skin-strengthening foods such as chicken and avocados.

To add on, ‘diuretics’ foods also ward off cellulite. They help lessen the occurrence of bloating and fluid retention. Accumulated fluid can possibly stimulate cellulite so apart from drinking water, include foods like cucumber and onions in your meal. Avoid consuming processed fatty foods like cheese, sausages and cake as they contain additives, salt or a high amount of sugar which can cause too much toxin in the body.

 3. Exercise 

Apart from helping you to lose weight, exercising can get your blood flowing better. Cycling and jogging are deemed as effective as they target the thighs, bottoms and hips. You can also try squats to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your bottom and thighs. Other exercises you can do include lunges and kickboxing.

 4. Cellulite cups

This requires a specialised type of therapy which utilises a rubber suction cup to stimulate blood flow, creating more oxygen getting rid of toxins by getting the blood to flow. The pressure and suction from these cups loosen the muscles and will help to relieve pain too.

5. Avoid caffeine 

Studies have shown that caffeine can deteriorate your cellulite situation because of the adverse effects it has on blood flow. It also prevents you from getting sufficient oxygen and sufficient nutrients to the skin tissue. Limit your coffee taking by drinking only one cup a day.

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