Is Your Facility Fire-Proofed? Read On To Find Out!

You can choose from different types of fire extinguishers to deal with different types of fire. In case of a fire emergency, you do not want to try and find out how to use it by reading instructions. You should be able to differentiate them to make a lifesaving change. There are different types of fire incidents. So, you should choose the type of fire extinguisher Singapore accordingly that can smoothly extinguish any type of fire.


These types of fire extinguishers are bold red in color and they dispense water to extinguish the fire at high pressure. They are suitable for only those fires, which involve cloth, wood, paper, coal, plastics, and other materials.


These types of fire extinguishers are designed to deal with fires, which involve liquids, solids, and gases. The powder serves as a thermal blast, which cools down the flames so it can stop burning. They are best suited to deal with electrical fires.


These types of extinguishers are usually water-based and have a foaming agent, which has blanketing effect and rapid flame knockdown. It locks the vapors and smothers the flames so it cannot ignite again.


These types of fire extinguishers can combat electrical and class B fires. The Co2 fire extinguishers displace oxygen in the air and suffocate the fire. Unlike other extinguishers, they do not leave anything behind. They are especially helpful in workshops and offices where there are high chances of catching electrical fires.

No matter which type of fire extinguisher you choose, be sure to go for fire extinguisher servicing Singapore from time to time.

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