Main Differences Between The Different Religious Funeral Services

You can see some cultures like Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity; If you are looking for different types of funeral service in Singapore then you can see some types of funeral service in this article. As we have discussed some types of funeral service below, 

1. Christian Funeral

There is a need for a tent age for a Christian funeral casket. It is a simple wood area that is used to keep the dead body. The people of this group use the casket for the dead body. You can also see the role of pallbearer as they carry the casket during the process.

2. Buddhist Funeral

Carpet flooring and curtain decorations will be set up at the casket area. The Buddhist funeral is also very famous as it also involves the casket. They have the same style as Christian. The people of this culture focus on the designs of carpets and decorations. There may be some food offerings for the audience. 

3. Catholic Funeral

 It is the most common way of funeral service in Singapore. There are some important aspects of a funeral like a vigil, rite and liturgy. 

4. Taoist funeral

 it is also a famous type of taoist funeral service. They follow some practices that are very familiar in Singapore. There are also funeral rites in this type of funeral. 

5. Muslim Funeral

The Muslim community plays an important role in Singapore as most people are Muslims. They perform some activities according to the Islam. They perform simple activities in 3 days.

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