Online Flower Shopping: What You Must Do Before Checking Out

The vibrant characteristic of flowers makes them the perfect gift, especially when delivered by someone we treasure. However, when it becomes our turn to gift them to someone else, it becomes a major headache.

Each time we order flowers online, many questions swarm your mind, like how to find the perfect type of flower? Or the ultimate nightmare, will the delivery cause the flowers to wilt?

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of just four things that you will need to note before checking out online. Keep them in mind, and you should be good to go!

Have an idea of the gift before going to the store

Not knowing what you want when you browse through a store online can lead you to make unnecessary or impulse purchases that may not even suit the receiver. Hence, be sure to do your research beforehand to avoid disappointment on either end.

Firstly, consider the occasion and the character of the receiver. The flower you choose should express your feelings towards your loved ones and suit their tastes.

Next, remember that not just the type but the colour of the flowers matters as well. For example, yellow or white flowers are suitable gifts for friends, but red or pink should be the colour of choice among lovers.

Lastly, decide on the arrangement of the flowers that best suits the occasion. For example, if it is for a lover during Valentine’s Day, a classic hand bouquet will suffice, whereas if the gift is for Christmas, you could consider giving a Christmas wreath instead.

Do not skip the product reviews

Product reviews are the primary source where you can have an idea of the reputation of the retailer. Retailers with better reputations tend to garner more positive reviews from their past customers.

Reading up on product reviews can also help you gauge the condition that the flowers will arrive in. If multiple reviews praise the freshness of the flowers upon delivery, you can rest assured that your delivery will most likely turn out the same.

Some reviewers may also add images to their reviews – from there, you can tell visually how the flowers will be packaged. Some may arrive in colourful wrapping paper, while others may require assembly. Simply said, do check out the different options to find one that best suits your gifting needs.

Make price comparisons

Narrow your choices down to a few flower bouquets from your selected store, you should try to make a price comparison based the quality, type of flower, and arrangement.

Doing so can help you make an informed choice and not regret it when you stumble upon something similar but at a lower price point later on. Also, ensure that the price you have recorded encapsulates the product’s total cost and there are no additional add-on costs.

As this may be challenging if your bouquet is customised, do look out for any online reviews for details on the price point. Additionally, contact the seller for a price quote for you to compare before making the purchase.

Check up on the delivery options available

Whether the delivery is made on the same day or a specified date, it is essential to select an online store with a delivery service that can suit your scheduling needs.

Knowing which date you want your flowers delivered is crucial as flowers are known to be highly perishable. In addition, online florists may get busy, especially during holidays or occasions such as Mother’s Day and Christmas.

If you are planning to schedule a delivery on these dates, do make sure that you complete your order in advance to avoid instances where they are no longer available.

Shopping for flowers online can be a daunting experience. However, we hope that these four tips have provided a comprehensive guide to how you can go about making a smooth sailing purchase when you order flowers online.

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