Safeguard Your Safety With These Tips For Handling Cement

Unlike other alternatives for construction, concrete is easy to work with due to its versatility, durability, and by being economical. In addition, it is one of the safest building materials in Singapore. If we look at the process of handling throughout construction, very few people are involved. However, while it might be safe, concrete still requires safety precaution. This is because long-term health problems may occur for workers in the future.

To ensure that concrete workers understand the safety precautions and risks, basic safety training in Singapore is required. Here are a few precautions concrete workers should take note of during construction.

1. Protect The Skin

One key factor of prolonged contact of the skin surface to fresh concrete can result in severe burns for workers. Thus, for workers working actively with concrete, they should avoid prolonged skin contact between skin and concrete. Clothing that prevents direct contact of these building materials can greatly help. If irritation persists, workers should visit a doctor immediately. If the burn is severe on the skin or sensitive areas such as the eyes, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.

2. Protect The Head and Eyes

Any construction site possesses a considerable risk to the eyes and the head of workers. Anything could fall and cause significant injuries for the workers on-site. For this reason, a hard hat is an essential requirement when visiting or working on a construction site.

Blowing dust is a norm in any construction site that involves concrete, hence increasing the vulnerability of worker’s eyes. It is advised to wear full-cover goggles to protect the workers’ eyes from dust. As head and eyes are sensitive parts of their body, they need to remain alert to falling items at all times while on-site.

3. Protect The Back

At a construction site, most equipment, objects, and materials are heavy, even those in small quantities. Because of this, workers may suffer back problems when picking up heavy things. When lifting equipment, workers should keep their back straight and bend their legs so that they keep the equipment as close to their body as possible when lifting.

If the load is too heavy, workers should ask for help. Protecting workers’ back is essential when working with concrete. For example, for spreading concrete, a shovel is required. This is because of the excessive horizontal movement of concrete that segregates the concrete ingredients, making it less effective.

4. Placing and Finishing

Waterproof pads are a great way to protect the bodies of workers when placing and finishing concrete. Should the eyes come into contact with concrete, the use of clean water is essential for washing their eyes thoroughly. Look to clean all clothes that may have come into contact with concrete to avoid transferring concrete onto the skin.


Construction employers in Singapore are responsible for providing CSOC training for their employees to educate and teach them on the right safety precautions. While workers are required to have an insurance cover, safety precautions should always be practised on a personal level. Taking note of occupational health and safety can avoid unnecessary injuries that prevent workers from returning back to work.

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