Start Your Event Photography Career With These 5 Steps

Event photography is a profession that is challenging but very rewarding. Event photographers are needed to capture the key moments in any event, whether it be a wedding or a corporate event. Having good photographs of an event will help the organisers better review the event’s happenings or promote similar events in the future. In Singapore, many companies are more willing to hire external event photographers who can work with them to capture great photographs of the event. If you are interested in event photography, then this five-step guide to getting started will surely get you on your way to understanding the process.

Step 1: Get professional equipment

For event photographers, a good, professional camera is a must. The camera will not only dictate the quality of photographs produced but it will also signal to clients how serious you are about your job. Opt for a DSLR and a tripod at the bare minimum. If you can afford it, also get a few different lenses so you can capture different types of shots. The best advice you can get about photography equipment will come from other photographers, who will often be sharing their own tips on social media or YouTube.

Step 2: Practice, practice, practice!

To get into the business, you must be able to convince potential clients that you can do your job well. For that purpose, you might want to take up a few opportunities that pay less, so that you can practice using your equipment and taking photographs. If you want to pursue this full-time, you will have to constantly consider where and how you would frame your shots in various event situations. Getting the practice you need to become familiar with your new equipment will be paramount in constructing a convincing portfolio to attract your potential clients.

Step 3: Edit your photos

Most of your photos will not come out perfect. Often, you will need to spend some time and effort individually editing photos to ensure that they are beautiful to the eye. Investing in software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is important for all event photographers. You will be surprised how drastically you can improve your photos if you just spend some time editing them.

Step 4: Work on your online presence

Working as a freelance photographer means more than just taking photographs. You must sell yourself to potential clients as well. Having a website and social media pages will be critical in allowing you to attract possible clients. You should also have a work email ready for potential clients to contact you with. These small housekeeping matters will eventually be important in the long run.

Step 5: Find some clients!

To get paid for your work, you will need clients. The first few clients you get may end up being friends or a relative. But eventually, you will expand to find clients who you may not know personally. Building good interpersonal relationships with such clients are important – always ask them how they would like their pictures to be taken. With all the practice and experience under your belt, you are well on your way to be a professional event photographer!

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