The 3 Main Advantageous Of Roving Photography For Any Event

When people think of event photography, they mostly think of cameramen hired to photograph the highlights of the event. For weddings, the highlight could be the arrival of the bride, the cutting of the cake or the big ‘Yam Seng’. For corporate events, the highlight could be speeches given by VIPs. With this type of event photography, not all guests will be photographed; there is a priority given to more important people and events. When guests see the photo album after the event concludes, some may not be able to spot themselves at all. It is such a shame – they could have looked glamorous and thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the event.

This is where roving photography Singapore can come in. With this service, often provided by photo booth vendors, all guests can enjoy complimentary photography over the course of the event. Even better yet, guests will be delighted to also receive an instant, physical printout of their photo as they leave the event venue.

To give you a clearer picture, here is a brief rundown on how a roving photography service works.

A committed and professional team’s effort

Before the event commences, our roving photography team will be on standby. This team consists of three people: a roving photographer, an assistant and an on-site photo editor. These three key individuals will work tirelessly over the duration of the event.

The photographer, who uses a professional DSLR camera, will be roaming the event venue with the assistant. The duo will courteously ask guests if they would like to have their photo taken. Guests will not have to travel to a different part of the event venue – their photo can be taken right where they were seated.

Once the photo has been captured, it will be wirelessly transferred to the on-site photo editor who will edit the photo, ensuring picture-perfect quality. Then, the picture will be printed out on a piece of beautiful, glossy photo paper. It is ready for collection! Guests may pick up their photo as they exit the venue.

All memories are immortalised on social media

Guests can find a digital copy of their photographs in an online photo album on Facebook. This album will be fully uploaded at the end of the event – there is no wait at all. With this, guests can immediately download their photographs and share them digitally with their friends and family.

Fully customisable printout design for each event!

Before the event, the event’s organisers are able to customise the design of the photo printout. This is important, as the event’s name or corporate branding elements can be embellished onto this design. Typically, the design consists of a border, a few words and a logo. This design is fully customisable depending on the event organiser’s needs and wants. Event organisers can work with our in-house team of graphic designers to make sure their vision comes to life in the printed photograph.


A Singapore roving photography service is a great value-add to any event. Guests will certainly appreciate the convenient photography available during the event. Do consider hiring a roving photographer if you have any large-scale event.

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