Upkeep Your Interior Surfaces With Proper Cleaning Methods

As we spend most of our days at home, taking the time out to clean and maintain our furniture can ensure that it stays dirt and dust-free. After all, keeping your home clean can also ensure that the luxury interior design you have is presentable for guests and visiting family members. Keeping our living environment clean and maintained can also ensure that we stay healthy at home. Here is an extensive guide to help you clean varied materials in your home.

1. Lacquered Surfaces

Lacquered surfaces are susceptible to chips, scratches and wear due to their shiny and hard finish. To get started cleaning up on lacquered surfaces, the first step is a careful approach. You can clean lacquered surfaces by using warm water mixed with mild soap. Apply a small mixture of soap to the water and ensure that your cloth is damp. When you are wiping down the lacquer, you should seek to avoid circular motions.

2. Laminates

Laminated surfaces are fully functional and extremely durable. To clean such surfaces, detergent is best used with diluted water. Any abrasive bleach or acids are not advised during this process. It is also best to avoid any sources of synthetic fibres or metal with sponges as they are able to leave behind irreparable scratches on laminated surfaces.

3. Chrome or Anodised Surfaces

To get started on cleaning such anodised or chrome surfaces, picking out a neutral cleaner is the best way to scrub anodised surfaces. If you are ever in doubt, you can test out the cleaners in an area away from chrome or anodised surfaces. This ensures that the cleaner is not stained or damaged before cleaning the rest of the surfaces.

4. Vinyl Flooring / Vinyl Surfaces

Vinyl can be found anywhere in our homes and manufactured for multiple uses. As it is a UV-sensitive material that degrades when it is exposed to sunlight, the best way to protect and clean the topcoat is to keep it performing and looking like new. The steps to cleaning vinyl are using cool water and soap with a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse it thoroughly and let it dry. To protect vinyl furniture and surfaces, you should look to protect it or cover it.

5. Wall Paint

Before cleaning any painted walls, the first step is to ensure that there is no dust or excess dirt. Gently wash over the walls with detergent and soapy, warm water. By using your softest sponge, you can apply the soap solution to your wall and clean it properly. Before rinsing off the detergent, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

For cleaning simple stains, baking soda and water are effective, as well as baby wipes for odd spots found on your painted walls. Avoid using alcohol and chemicals as they can leave an irreparable mess.

6. Furniture Hinges And Drawer Runner Track

In order to entirely wipe down and clean the furniture hinges, you should start by removing them. You can submerge them into the water and add a little dish soap into the mix. Should you find the hinges to be extremely dirty, then the addition of baking soda and white vinegar should do the trick.

For your drawer runner track, a lubricant is essential in ensuring that the slides are working efficiently. To clean out the slides and tracks, a brush and thinner can help to remove dust the right way.

7. Windows

When you clean your windows is just as important as how you choose to clean it as hot and sunny weather might make your cleaning difficult with streaks after wiping. To get started on cleaning windows, the removal of dust and dirt is important. A brush of a vacuum should do the trick. Follow it up with cleaner spray and use as much as needed for extra dirty areas.


Sometimes a HDB renovation can be as simple as ensuring that you maintain and clean the furniture around your house regularly. This can be applied to various housing as well, without the need for condo and landed property renovation in order to make your house look spick and span. Use these tips today and make your house look beautiful once more.

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