You Can Now Sleep Like A Log With Quality Blackout Curtains

Sleep – it’s something we would all love to have more of, yet sometimes situations make it hard to do. While we cannot help you clear away your stresses or workload, one aspect that might let you have better quality rest is the lighting in your bedroom.

The fact is, an environment that is too bright can affect the quality of our sleep.

How light affects sleep quality

Our body clocks are sensitive to light. Generally, a brighter environment makes our brains feel more active, while a dim or dark environment signals to our body that it is time to rest. When light is present at the time intended for rest, it messes with the pineal gland in our body, decreasing the levels of melatonin – the sleep hormone. The result of this is an increased difficulty in falling asleep or maintaining quality rest.

For optimum rest, experts recommend that the sleeping area of the home should be dark when it is time to rest. However, in a city like Singapore where street lamps or neighbours homes in close proximity can contribute to light streaming into the home even at night, it can be difficult to achieve an adequately dark room for sleep. In circumstances where people need to sleep in the daytime, the issue is even more pertinent.

How to optimise lighting in the bedroom

Aside from making sure all the lamps at home are turned off, the next thing you can do to minimise light in the bedroom is to block out light entering from the windows. You can readily find blackout curtains in Singapore to help you with this. These curtains are specially made to block out 80-100% of the light that hits it.

Due to their thicker nature, blackout curtains can also help to insulate your room, keeping it cooler and reducing noise. The best way to implement these curtains for maximum light-blocking is to opt for curtains that are longer than your windows, so that they completely cover them. Having some velcro at the sides to seal the curtains to your walls will also help to prevent light leak from the sides.

The type of blackout curtains you choose will depend on your needs. Some individuals are more tolerant to some light, and may do fine with a medium blackout curtain. Other individuals who are more sensitive to light will require total blackout curtains. For a versatile option, you can layer the blackout curtains with a sheer curtain or blinds for more flexibility in the daytime.

Where to get blackout curtains in Singapore

In Singapore, curtains are easily obtainable at your nearest furniture store or department store. However, not all will have options for blackout curtains. Your best bet will be a dedicated curtain supplier – these curtain makers typically have more options when it comes to blackout curtains. We have blackout curtains in a variety of colours and designs that you can even customise to your window’s size. For added convenience, we can also help you install your new curtains with our dust-free technique.

With so many good reasons to buy blackout curtains, what are you waiting for? Welcome better sleep with some new blackout curtains for your bedroom!

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